Flies and Carrots

The more you read,
the more kids we feed!

"Flies and Carrots", by Ryan McGuire, is an epic rhyming story about a hungry baby rabbit that wants to eat like a frog. After many mishaps with drenching consequences, the rabbit gives up, but to great surprise makes a dear friend with a fly. The same fly the rabbit was trying to eat!

Kids will love the exciting alliteration and will enjoy tracing their fingers along the fly flight path while making silly buzzzzzzing sounds.

Read and Feed: Helping hungry kids eat!

When Ryan created "Flies and Carrots", he wanted to not only write a book that kids loved but also to help hungry children eat. To do this Ryan is donating 100% of his profits from each book sale to the Food Pantry Network of Licking County. Every book that is sold provides support to the Food Pantry Network to help hungry kids. So the more you read, the more we feed!

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ISBN: 978-0-692-14607-1 | Format: 8x10, Soft cover | Pages: 24

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Flies and Carrots

Author, Illustrator, and fly

Blair and Ryan both love creating silly art. They've been friends for years and finally decided to join creative forces to produce an awe-inspiring literary masterpiece that will make kids buzzzzzzzz out with joy!

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Ryan McGuire


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Blair Gauntt


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Fanny the Fly


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